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Train and recover with the one tool that you can push, pull, squat, lunge, then deep tissue roll. The Spartan RAMroller is a foam roller and compact weight ideal for workouts anywhere, anytime.


*Please note: the product might have visual imperfections (ex.: blemishes, cracks) from the manufacturing process and recycled materials. These have no impact on the product's performance.

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Nick Bartolotti
RAM Burpees!

We love the RAMs at Ruckhouse Athletics in Rochester, NY. This is a gal completing her first DEKA Strong with the 22 LB RAM.

Love this tool!

Hello fellow and future RAMmers out there. I use this regularly, at least once a week, and it absolutely shreds my workout buddy and me to pieces. This is an amazing tool that can be utilized in many different ways and included in most workouts, if you would like. I like the weight and size of this one as I feel challenged enough, but not enough for it to not allow me to do most reps. I can do some more reps on certain exercises than others with it, but for the most part it can be utilized in just about any exercise.

We absolutely love The 55 and would recommend it to any mid level gym goers. Get a piece of the action and get shredded!

elliot koch
Ram workout

I like 55 Lb ram to train with it leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment I’m a spartan Deka athlete, if your just training try it and feel the ram affect👊🏼🇺🇸

Armando S Vengoechea
A great tool for strength

This RAM have been the best weight and tool to increase strength and power on my clients. Best to do Dead lift, Burpees, Shoulder press, Squats and Lunges.

Jonathan Ross-Wiley
A must have!

The 55lb RAM is a must have for every gym and home gym. I use mine for whole-body training because its versatility is unmatched. Weighted burpees, lunges, overhead presses, and dozens of other options are possible with this one training tool!