The RAM, The RAMroller, The Spartan RAM, The Spartan RAMroller, and Back To The RAM

When we developed our first prototype, the round cylindrical shaped fitness tool that everybody is now talking about was christened " THE RAM"

There were 3 reasons why we called it " THE RAM" 

1. It was made from Recycled Materials (R)

2. It was made to help players move better on the field ( M)

3 . The manufacturing process involved the use of Pneumatic RAMs to ensure the right pressure to create the product = RAM

When we launched , much to our frustration, everybody we showed the product to referenced it as a heavy foam roller, ( this was just when foam rolling was becoming main stream), and so we decided to run with that , and marketed as the RAMroller, a foam roller that could be used for strength.

It was real jumping out of the Aeroplane and trying to assemble the parachute stuff.

After gaining some traction, and building a relationship with Spartan Race, we decided to leverage the Spartan brand, and rename " The RAM" aka the RAMroller , as the Spartan RAM.

This move proved to be inspirational, and proved an effective business strategy that any budding entrepreneur could learn from. RAMfit gained by getting access to the Spartan Network, and Spartan ganied by getting a new innovative product that was the perfect training tool for Spartan Racers.

Fast forward to January 2023, and it was time for the child to move out of home, and become a grown up. We doubled down on our own brand " RAM", and made sure that where possible the heavy cylinder that everybody love ( aka the RAMroller, The Spartan RAM, The Spartan RAMroller) would forever more be known as " THE RAM"


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