Why "Make Fitness Matter More"?  We've grown up with fitness at the centre of our lives. Long before it was fashionable to run, we were running. Long before it was fashionable to be be strong, we were lifting weights. Long before fitness became a remedy for better mental health, we used training to keep our minds sharp. We believe in fitness, and we feel blessed to make an impact in the fitness industry. More than just being a training tool or brand, we want to make the most of this opportunity that has been afforded to us. It is our hope that the RAM brand and message can remind and inspire others to make other small changes in their lives that helps create a fitter planet too, and by using our products at home or in your facility, you are helping to amplify this important message.


We are not visionaries like Patagonia or TOMS, but we do think we can make a small difference. We are not pleading for the immediate death of carbon-emitting industries but we believe, given the time and chance, every business can and will do more to help the planet, while at the same time sustaining jobs. 

Our manifesto is simply a guideline to the way we think and act, collaborate, develop products, produce, distribute, pack, and sell our ideas and products. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible, because simple doesn't break and simple leads to less waste. 



Products that easily scale, get results and, if possible, do multiple things (versatility). Strive to use Recycled or Waste Materials wherever possible, and make products that last.

#2. Make Lives Better

We are people and planet-centred in everything that we do. For our families, employees, suppliers, distributors, partners, end customers, and everyone else we deal with, we promise to focus and strive towards making your life better.


#3. Be good people, but don't be a walk over

Go above and beyond, without ever demanding anything in return. If there is a way to move forward without causing harm to people or the planet, take that path. Where resolutions cannot be found, stand your ground, and act quickly and decisively.

#4. Be ambitious, curious, innovative, and not afraid to lose 

Don't be afraid to dream big, learn from others, and come up with new and better ways to do things.

The Piano Studio

by Co-Founder, Dermot Mc Ardle

As Damien Kerley entered the Piano Studio (where founders JP Mone and myself then worked from) with the rubber mat samples, it was just like any other day in Ireland, cold and wet. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, Kerley would try to sell the gym mats to JP for his club, Clontibret O’Neills, but no deal was done. As I walked Damien back to his van, making small talk, I noticed an object in the back of the van… something that resembled the current RAM. 

The Night Before....

On Wednesday the 13th of November, 2013, I had sat down at home with the intention of designing a better sandbag. One that would last longer, one that could maybe be used for multiple things, one that could be used in multiple ways. With a pen, paper, and laptop, I worked through several ideas, adding handles here and pockets there, researching the most durable materials, and imagining Gaelic football players training with these sandbags out in the coldest, wettest Gaelic Games pitches in Ireland... But it was not until the next day when Damien Kerley entered the Piano Studio that RAM was really born.

The Original RAM Machine

But done is all that matters

After the encounter with Damien, the idea for RAM was born, but making a prototype was the only way we could be sure that the idea would be useful. My initial thought was that it would be as easy to get some local business to make the prototype for us. After trying many local companies, none were interested, and any that were, were asking extortionate money. Enter Eamon Hughes...


The first RAM was welcomed into the world in January 2014. The exact date escapes me. It was made from locally-recycled rubber and local labour, something that we are very proud of, and still do to this day. Eamon and myself spent many cold days experimenting with mixes to ensure that we had the right balance of durability and functionality. Eamon died shortly before Christmas in 2015, after fighting a long battle with cancer. We will be forever grateful to have met a man of such talent and optimism, who inspires us to this day.


Today, all the RAMs you see across the world are made in a nearly identical process to the original. Of course we have had to learn how to add weight without compromising on the design, and our most recent innovation, the RAM log, has been a game changer for team and group training.


We Are On A Mission To Make Fitness Matter More.

We take material destined for landfill and turn it into high performance training gear that lasts, because we believe we can have fitter people and a fitter planet.

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CEO and Co-Founder

JP Mone


Dermot Mc Ardle

Head Of Production

Denis Krivecs

Head Of Programming

Yancy Culp