aka the production RAMS



The recycling of used tires into highly functional Fitness equipment takes place in five highly complex steps at our factory.

STEP 1: TIRE Saving

It may not be. But sourcing the RAW materials RAM needs is still pretty hard-core. We spend all day and all night looking for worn out, tired and exhausted tires looking for a new start. We then sign them up before their owners toss them into landfill, and offer them another chance at life.

STEP 2: Breaking Them Down

Every Tire is then carefully put through the most gentle tire shredding machines in the world, to produce the RAW Materials we need to really make an impact

STEP 3: Building them Back Up

Once they are broken and can take no more, we start the rebuilding process, preparing every tire to reenter the world in a way better place than when they left it

STEP 4 : Adding The Final Touches

No Mother would send their child out into the world without looking their best. We ensure that when others see what the Tire has become they will turn heads like never before

STEP 5 : Finding a New Home

Once they are ready, we ensure every new RAM finds a loving home, where they will be respected and allowed to carry out their duty to inspire fitter people and a fitter planet.