The RAMfit Manifesto came into being over a long period of time, and was not a moment of inspiration, like so many brands claim. It is not a finished document, and we will add to it and take away from it as we learn and grow as individuals.

We are not visionaries like Patagonia or TOMS, but we do think we can make a small difference. We are not pleading for the immediate death of carbon emitting industries, but we believe given the time and chance, every business will and can do more to help the planet, while at the same time sustaining jobs. 

Our manifesto is  simply a guideline to the way we think and act, collaborate, develop products, produce, distribute, pack, and sell our ideas and products. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible, because simple doesn't break and simple leads to less waste.  

This is how we try to run our business: 

#1.  Build Great Products

Products that easily Scale, Get Results, and if possible, can do several things ( versatility). Strive to use Recycled or Waste Materials Wherever Possible, and make products that last.

#2. Make Lives Better

We are people and planet centred in everything that we do. For our families, employees, suppliers, distributors, partners, end customers, and everyone else we deal with, we promise to focus and strive towards making your life better.

#3. Be good people, but don't be a walk over

Go above and beyond, without ever demanding anything in return. If there is a way to move forward without causing harm to people or the planet, take that path. Where resolutions cannot be found, stand your ground, and act quickly and decisively.

#4. Be ambitious, curious, innovative, and not afraid to lose 

Don't be afraid to dream big, learn from others, and come up with new and better ways to do things