RAMfit | The Opportunity
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The Opportunity

ADD RAMfit To Your Venue or Start Your Own RAMfit Bootcamp

Add a Suit of Armour to your business with RAMfit, one of the most innovative, addictive and profitable group fitness programs in the world! Adding RAMfit to your class schedule will give you a competitive edge, help attract new clientele, boost new member sales, increase member engagement and retention, and diversify your group fitness program. In fact you will have Unlimited New Classes within the one Programme.


We’ve made it easy to become an Official RAMfit Venue by providing you with everything you need to launch and Operate the RAMfit program.
 Our portable equipment and modular workout formats are designed for every age and every stage. RAMfit classes can be offered anywhere – from traditional fitness facilities like gyms, health clubs, and recreation centers to boutique studios, outdoor public parks, churches and community centers.

The Package

25 RAMrollers  – 

5 x 6kg/13lbs, 5x 7kg/15lb , 5x 8kg/18lbs , 5x10kg/22lbs , 3 x15kg/33lb, 2x20kg/44lbs
  • Access to our Marketing Portal
  • Customised Posters and Graphics For your RAMfit Launch
Access For 3 trainers to Our Online Training Cert
6 Access to the full training library of 100s of exercises and workouts
A New Workout for you to use every day
Free Tickets for Our RAMfit Live Events

ALL for just £1499