Get Certified | Dublin, IRE | August, 2017

You'll get more than another "certification," you'll get a new business from only $199

With the RAMfit Training Certification you'll learn more than how to assess performance, create workouts, and generate programs for your clients, you'll learn how to build a profitable group training business from scratch using a minimum amount of tools.

What Our Certification Can Do for You:

Unlimited Exercises, Minimal Equipment

You’ll learn how to use one device to perform hundreds of movements for strength, endurance, balance, and recovery that you can then teach to individuals or huge groups at once.

Create Innovative New Movements

What’s better than learning hundreds of ways to move your body and get into shape? Creating hundreds of YOUR OWN movements! We’ll teach you how.

Get Your New Training Business in a Box

The RAMfit Trainer Certification is one of the first programs to offer a “business in a box.” Get up to 16 units for a steep discount before or after the certification.

What Our Certification Can Do for You:

RAMfit RAMroller

Sustainable Product = Sustainable Business

The RAMroller is one of the most durable and versatile exercise implements available. Designed originally for resisted movement exercises, high Intensity training, core training, slams, throws, squats, twists, situps and everything in between, the RAMroller can also be used as a world class roller for myofascial release and fascial integration training.

  • 100% Recycled
  • Perfect for Group Training Environments
  • Extremely Durable & User Friendly
  • 4kg,6kg, 7kg, 8.5kg,10kg,15kg & 20kg Weight Options
  • Combine with a RAMboard for Balance Board Exercises

Get RAMrollers When You Get Certified

Your new RAMfit Trainer Certification comes with  optional RAMrollers, allowing you to start your own outdoor group training business or bootcamp, or add a whole new class to your existing gym. Better yet, we’ll teach you exactly how to promote your new business online and provide you with your own profile and links on our website.

  • Instantly Start an Outdoor Group Training Camp
  • Add RAMfit Group Classes to Your Gym
  • List Your New Courses at
  • Host RAMfit Training Workshops
RAMfit RAMroller

Watch a Group Class in Action

The RAMroller is perfect for use in group training sessions and boot camps. Instructors can lead both high intensity training and recovery rolling using just one device. Due to the durability, it will never wear out no matter what kind of punishment your group dishes out.

Get RAMfit Certified

Ready to join the RAMfit team? Here are the details for our upcoming event:



7580 Fay Ave. Suite 101

La Jolla, CA 92037


August, 2017

1 Intensive day of training, programming, and business skill development.


8.00am to 8:00pm

Both days are jam packed, but you'll still have time to enjoy Austin.

REGISTER NOW! Space is limited.

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