RAMfit | Long Rolling or Cross Rolling
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Long Rolling or Cross Rolling

There are many theories and prescriptions of what is the best way to roll. In this article we look at 2 ways, Long Rolling and Cross Rolling

Long Rolling – This is where the person rolls out the full length of the Muscle, in the direction of the muscle. A Good example of this would be rolling the hamstrings, where you start just above the knee and roll slowly( 10-15 Seconds) towards the insertion at the Glute Area. The main benefit of this type of rolling is to increase blood flow, stimulate the fascia for increased proprioception, and to increase the quality of hydration. This is ideal for warm up activation or recovery

¬†Cross Rolling – In this type of rolling we roll across the direction of the Muscle Fibres, on a specific spot. The main goal here is to increase circulation, releasing fascia that has ” stuck ” together , and to ¬†encourage the laying down of fresh new fibroblasts. Each movement over and back should be about 4-6 Seconds. A good example of this would be where the person has a tightness of in the hamstring

For both forms of rolling pressure can be added or taken away by properly using ones body weight. Individuals should be encouraged to get a feel for their own body and what its limits are.

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