4 Essential Exercises for Soccer

While soccer is a highly skilled game, requiring hours of practice to develop skills. This practice is a waste of time if players cannot “play” due to injury. Any programme for a soccer player should look to develop movement specific skills such as jumping, running, sliding, side steps, and crossovers, in addition to their ball skills.  These 4 exercises will help the player to strengthen major areas of “high risk” for soccer players, namely the hamstrings, groins, and ankles. These exercises should be used in addition to ‘rolling’ out each area before and after training or games.

RAMfit launches the RAMroller in Ireland, the UK, and the USA.

Testers Needed for Versatile New Fitness Roller

The RAMfit company is preparing for a worldwide launch of their new fitness product, the RAMroller, and is currently looking for qualified trainers in the United States to test it. This revolutionary product is 100% recycled and can be used for strength and high intensity (HIIT) cardio training in addition to recovery and myofascial release.