RAMfit | 100% Recycled Fitness Product Created by RAMfit Hits Austin
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austin recycled fitness product

100% Recycled Fitness Product Created by RAMfit Hits Austin

RAMfit, an innovative fitness company based in Ireland, released the 100% recycled RAMroller into the Austin fitness community. The device, which can be used as both a foam roller and a strength and conditioning tool, is ideal for group and outdoor training.

The RAMroller, produced from recycled tires in Ireland, is one of the most durable and versatile exercise implements available. Designed originally for resisted movement exercises, high intensity training, core training, slams, throws, squats, and rotational training, the RAMroller can also be used as a world class roller for myofascial release and fascial integration training.

“The RAMroller is made with less and designed to do more. We are constantly striving for the best, creating value for business, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. We are innovating for a better world by combining recycling with world class training products, “ says owner JP Mone.

RAMfit’s long-term vision is to create a continuous loop without waste, yet still producing world class, innovative, and effective training products. As a company, they are innovating materials and manufacturing processes as we work towards finding solutions that fit with our ethos.

“Our main testament to this vision is the RAMroller. It’s a sustainable, long-lasting product designed for professional level performance,” stated owner Dermot Mc Ardle.

The RAMfit RAMroller is being promoted in Austin by certification developer Mark de Grasse, owner of MegaMad Industries and Mad Fit Magazine. Mark wrote the RAMfit Level One Certification which was first taught in Spring 2017 in Southern California.

“The RAMroller is one of the most versatile and practical fitness devices I’ve ever used,” said Mark de Grasse. “If you’re a trainer or gym owner looking for a new tool for your group classes, outdoor boot camps, or fitness challenges, you’re not going to find a better one than this.”

With the release of this product, the RAMfit company is set to host a RAMfit Trainer Certification on September 16, 2017 in Austin. With this event, RAMfit promises that you’ll get more than another “certification,” you’ll get a new business. Every certified trainer will also receive a RAMroller, and has the opportunity to buy more at a steep discount.

For more information about the product or to sign up for the upcoming certification, visit http://www.ramfit.com/ramfit-trainer-certification/ramfit-trainer-certification-austin-texas/.


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