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So Far, We’ve Turned 67,093 Waste Tires Into 23,531 RAMS – The Most Durable, Versatile, and Effective Fitness Tool On The Planet

Made From Recycled Materials and Trusted By The Best

4 Reasons Why Gyms, Studios, and Bootcamps Love RAMS

Your RAMs Will Never Burst or Break

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We’ve dropped RAMs off mountains, Driven lorrys over them, and most importantly trained for 1000s of hours with the same RAMS. You will never need to replace them

Your Clients Will Love Them and Never Be Bored


There are 100s of Innovative and Unique Exercises You Can Perform With The RAM.  This Ensures Your Clients will Build Better Functional and Core strength, Conditioning, Strength Endurance, and Grip Strength. 

They Will Add More Value Your Classes

fascial system

Unlike A Foam Roller, You can use the RAM Anywhere for  BODY TEMPERING(See Below) and ROLLING Before, During and After You Train. This Ensures Your Clients will improve mobility, reduce pain, and have less injuries

30 RAMS Will Fit in your Car, 100+In a Van


A Set of RAMs will offer so much flexibility to what training you offer your clients, but most importantly you can easily transport them to where you need them next.

Unlike Sandbags or Foam Rollers, The RAM will Never Burst, Break, or Need To Be Replaced

“If You Are Serious About Adding RAMs To Your Program, We Want To Give You a Free One, so you can get it in your hands, and make up your own mind

Dermot Mc Ardle, Founder

Elite OCR Coach Yancy Culp …….

Elite OCR Athlete Coach, Yancy Culp , uses the RAM to prepare Athletes for some of the Toughest events in the world

Watch 100s of more exercises you can do with the RAM


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Order A RAM

Do You Train Groups of People or Athletes?

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