Used By The World’s Best Teams To Help Their Athletes Reduce Injuries and Perform Better

How The RAM Will Benefit Your Athletes 

They Will Feel Looser 

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Through a Combination of BODY TEMPERING and RECOVERY ROLLING Your Athletes will Feel Looser and Way More Energetic. 

They Will Be Stronger


The 100s of Innovative and Unique Exercises You Can Perform With The RAM Will Ensure Your Athletes Build Better Functional and Core strength, leading to Less Injuries, and More Performance When It Is Needed

They Will Be Fitter

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By Integrating The RAM Into Your High Intensity Training Sessions, Your Athletes Will Develop A Greater Resilience To Keep Going For Longer

They Will Be Faster

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The RAM Will Allow You To Easily Integrate Plyometric and Power Exercises In The Gym or On The Field, Making Your Athletes Faster and More Powerful

What is Body Tempering and How Does It Work?

Body Tempering will make you looser and feel more energetic. The Technique of Body Tempering was developed by product inventor and powerlifter Donnie Thompson, and is slowly becoming part of preparation for many elite teams. Body Tempering will diffuse adhesions that occur in the fascia, and cause strains, tears and injuries. By Using a partner to roll a RAM across various parts of the body, your athletes can help eliminate these “hotspots”, and reduce the chances of injury in the short and long term

The Shape, Design and Weight allow for unlimited Core and Functional Exercises

Elite OCR Athlete Coach, Yancy Culp , uses the RAM to prepare Athletes for some of the Toughest events in the world

Watch 100s of more exercises you can do with the RAM


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