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Unlike Sandbags, The RAM Will Never Break, and Can Be Used For More

Sandbag Training is an excellent way to build Functional Strength. BUT, as you know too well, they eventually burst. We set out with the goal to Create a Functional Training Tool that would never break, and could be used in the Rugged Irish Outdoors. What we have created is much more.

Will Not Burst or Break

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Use It Indoors or Outdoors In Any Weather Conditions for Any Purpose. We Even Drove a Lorry Over a RAM to Test It

100s Of Exercises To Choose


7 Weights – 7 Grip Variations – 7 Core Movements – 8 Implement Movement Patterns

Can Be Used as a Roller

fascial system

Will Never Break, and Allows for Deeper Release Than Traditional Foam Rollers, and Heavy Enough For Body Tempering

See In 60 Seconds How Olympic Coach Mike Mc Gurn Integrates The RAM into His Training

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