The Workout - RAMfit
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What To Expect in a Workout

RAMfit is a 30/45 minute combination of Strength, Plyometrics, Movement,high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Cardio, and Core interspersed with deliberate periods of Recovery Rolling, in a completely team oriented environment. We train, like we are training for the biggest game of our lives. By using just one tool, the RAMroller, there is less downtime, and more focus on training, ensuring you become leaner,fitter, more mobile and tougher. By blasting your muscles from every angle, and also training your fascia, its like adding a suit of armour to you body. Combine this with powerful music and inspirational coaches, all you will want is more.

Train Like You are Training For The Biggest Game Of Your Life


Quickly Increase Strength and Power

Optimise your Fascia to Increase Resilience

Become More Mobile

Improve Mental Strength and Toughness

Reduce Body Fat

Only 45 minutes Max


Recent Scientific Research has shown through both injury and a natural inclination to move less when we age, fascial tissues loose their elasticity , and do not glide like they once did. Over time they can become stuck, or even worse stick together, reducing ROM and movement capacity. With RAMfit( Fascial Integration Training), we can combat this, and actually begin to improve the elasticity of the tissues.

Watch Instructors and Participants Talk About RAMfit