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Why RAMfit is So Effective

The RAMfit Training System uses the same scientific approach that elite athlete have been using for years to get in and stay in shape. In 3 simple steps you can start to look and feel like an athlete.
Step 1: Improve Your Mobility
By becoming looser and more flexible, your body moves better, burns lots more calories, and looks better


Step 2 : Use 4 Minute High Intensity Functional Intervals 
Elite Athletes have been using this method for years to get maximum results from minimum training. Work hard as you can for 4 minutes and then recover as quick as you can


Step 3 : Focus on your Recovery
Recovery is the real secret that gets athletes in shape. By rolling for 2 minutes, your body recovers better, giving you more energy for the next high intensity interval. The end result is a bigger calorie and afterburn

 Burn Calories For 36 Hours

Using Just One Training Tool, you will be fitter, leaner, stronger and look more athletic.By getting your Heart Rate above 80% for 16 minutes during the workout, you not only burn calories during the workout, but continue to burn calories for 36- 48 hours after the workout. Combine this  with simple nutrition strategies, and in 6 weeks you will be looking and feeling like an athlete.
The RAMfit Workout is Revolutionary. It combines Work Sets and Recovery using just one tool the RAMroller. Each Work Set lasts only 4 minutes, meaning that you will give everything you have because you know the rest is coming. This is how we do it…and it works. You can train anywhere, anytime, and never repeat the same workout twice.
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