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Bulletproof Your Team and Athletes from Injury and Under Performance

“We Take 11-55LBS of Recycled Materials and Make An Unbreakable Tool Designed To Make Your Stronger, Looser, Fitter and Faster”

Dermot Mc Ardle , Founder RAMfit

Used By The World’s Best Athletes and Teams

35 Clubs and Teams Like Yours purchased RAMs last month to get results like these……

The RAM Benefits Your Athletes in Many Ways

Driven by the frustration of burst sandbags, We set out with the goal to Create a Functional Training Tool that would never break, and could be used in the Rugged Irish Outdoors. What we have created is much more.


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 12.03.08

BODY TEMPERING Makes Athletes Looser and Feel Way More Energetic, by crushing fasical Adhesions and hotspots out of the body



The Shape, Weight and Design of the RAM allow your athletes to build the proper functional and core strength needed to make your efficient and more unified

Better Recovery 

fascial system

Can Be Used Outdoors, and Allows for More Effective Recovery Than Traditional Foam Rollers,

What is Body Tempering and How Does It Work?

Body Tempering will make you looser and feel more energetic. The Technique of Body Tempering was developed by product inventor and powerlifter Donnie Thompson, and taking the USA by storm. Body Tempering will diffuse adhesions that occur in the fascia, and cause strains, tears and injuries. By Using a partner to roll a RAM across various parts of the body, your athletes can help eliminate these “hotspots”, and reduce the chances of injury in the short and long term

The Shape, Design and Weight allow for unlimited Core and Functional Exercises

Elite OCR Athlete Coach, Yancy Culp , uses the RAM to prepare Athletes for some of the Toughest events in the world

Watch 100s of more exercises you can do with the RAM


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