Used Indoors and Outdoors By The World’s Best Athletes and  Teams

“We Make RAMs For Athletes and Coaches Who Need To Prepare,Train, and Recover Indoors and Outdoors, and were Sick of Having to Replace Their Sandbags and Foam Rollers” Dermot Mc Ardle , Founder

This is Our Promise To You….

You Will Feel Looser 

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Unlike A Foam Roller, You can use the RAM Anywhere for  BODY TEMPERING(See Below) and ROLLING Before, During and After You Train. This Ensures You will Feel Looser and Way More Energetic Always

You Will Be Stronger In More Ways


There are 100s of Innovative and Unique Exercises You Can Perform With The RAM.  This Ensures You Build Better Functional and Core strength, Strength Endurance, and Grip Strength

 You Will Be Fitter

fascial system

By Integrating The RAM Into Your High Intensity Training Sessions, You Will Develop A Greater Resilience To Keep Going For Longer

You Will Be Faster

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The RAM Will Allow You To Easily Integrate Plyometric and Power Exercises In The Gym or On The Field, Making You Faster and More Powerful

Unlike Sandbags or Foam Rollers, The RAM will Never Burst, Break, or Need To Be Replaced

Elite OCR Coach Yancy Culp Explains The Benefits Of Using The RAM

Elite OCR Athlete Coach, Yancy Culp , uses the RAM to prepare Athletes for some of the Toughest events in the world

Watch 100s of more exercises you can do with the RAM


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